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What is Spring.NET NHibernate Northwind?

This Spring.NET NHibernate Northwind application uses the Northwind database and uses NHibernate to browse and edit customers. It is a simple application that directly uses the DAO layer in many use-cases, as it is doing nothing more than table maintenance, but there is also a simple service layer that handles a fullillment process. The application uses Spring’s declarative transaction management features, standard NHibernate API, and Open Session In View module.

The data access layer consists of two projects, Spring.Northwind.Dao and Spring.Northwind.Dao.NHibernate. The former contains only the DAO (data access object) interfaces and the latter the NHibernate implementation of those interfaces. The project Spring.Northwind.Service contains a simple service that calls into multiple DAO objects in order to satisfy a fulfillment process. The Web project is an ASP.NET web application and the Spring.Northwind.IntegrationTests project contains integration tests for the DAO and Service layers.

The Web application uses Dependency Injection on the .aspx pages so that they can access the services of the middle tier, for example the FullfillmentService, or in the case of simple table maintenance, the DAO objects directly.

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