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What is SpringAir?

The SpringAir sample application demonstrates a selection of Spring.NET’s powerful features making a .NET programmer’s life easier. It demonstrates the following features of Spring.Web

  • Spring.NET IoC container configuration
  • Dependency Injection as applied to ASP.NET pages
  • Master Page support
  • Web Service support
  • Bi-directional data binding
  • Declarative validation of domain objects
  • Internationalization
  • Result mapping to better encapsulate page navigation flows

The application models a flight reservation system where you can browse flights, book a trip and even attach your own clients by leveraging the web services exposed by the SpringAir application.

All pages within the application are fully Spring managed. Dependencies get injected as configured within a Spring Application Context. For NET 1.1 it shows how to apply centrally managed layouts to all pages in an application by using master pages – a well-known feature from NET 2.0.

When selecting your flights, you are already experiencing a fully localized form. Select your preferred language from the bottom of the form and see, how the new language is immediately applied. As soon as you submit your desired flight, the submitted values are automatically unbound from the form onto the application’s data model by leveraging Spring.Web’s support for Data Binding. With Data Binding you can easily associate properties on your PONO model with elements on your ASP.NET form.

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